Friday, March 19, 2010

Short semester.

I'm back!
after so long.
Actually i wanted to update a few days ago but my modem is giving me shit.
So i only get to update now. HAHA.
Nowadays the weather in Kampar is slightly getting better.
It's no longer the usual hot day.

Financial crisis now.
It's so bad til bread taste better than char siew now.

Short semester can be stressful.
Cause unfortunately we only have 7 weeks to go and everything seems to be going so damn fast.
Me n Hongweng's gonna shift to a new place by the end of April!
The place's pretty cool.
Whoever coming to Kampar should come visit.
Walau i tell you...
I got a classmate named Kitty Low Low Low Fang Ying in class.
And she's.... noisy!!
but actually, that's her fucked up attitude beauty.
without her voice in class sometimes makes me feel uneasy.
then there's Suezhen.
without her sitting beside me can be sad.
Coz she's technically one of the closest friend i have in class since i knew her since form2.

Anyway i'll stop talking rubbish.
it's just random talk.
I can't wait to go for my first Korean language class!!

Then why is it nowadays a lot of my friends are so damn emotional because of friendship.
niama lei...
Wanna show face because friend treat that friend like this la like that la.
Own self wanna tell that friend so many secret, once that friend tell other people where got such thing as betray wan...
Humans are like that, u secretly tell someone a secret and hoping they won't tell anyone but actualy they will!
coz they will just like...
'weh i tell u something u don't tell anyone ah...'
then that person will use the same way n tell people. in the end the lanjiau secret mai not secret jor lo...
then later wanna emo la.
hide in the room cry la.
take blade cut wrist la.
jump from building la.
anti that friend la.
kena anti la.
all because of one secret.
sohai mou i ask you?
That's why, life is short.
Try to enjoy every little dick shit stuff that happens on you and don't always so negative.
no matter how negative that motherfucking thing is sure got positive stuff in it wan...
if you don't understand come talk to me then you all will und abit.
if u don't und i don't 7 know how to help.
Can go dig a hole and bury yourself in it.

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♥♥ ▐小薯条@朋友▐ ♥♥ said...

da keong:1st time write comment in here...dunno y le...
recently cnt close with u...
u noe wat i mean d...
i noe gud gud friend lai d...
anyway...keep contract lah^^