Friday, March 19, 2010

Short semester.

I'm back!
after so long.
Actually i wanted to update a few days ago but my modem is giving me shit.
So i only get to update now. HAHA.
Nowadays the weather in Kampar is slightly getting better.
It's no longer the usual hot day.

Financial crisis now.
It's so bad til bread taste better than char siew now.

Short semester can be stressful.
Cause unfortunately we only have 7 weeks to go and everything seems to be going so damn fast.
Me n Hongweng's gonna shift to a new place by the end of April!
The place's pretty cool.
Whoever coming to Kampar should come visit.
Walau i tell you...
I got a classmate named Kitty Low Low Low Fang Ying in class.
And she's.... noisy!!
but actually, that's her fucked up attitude beauty.
without her voice in class sometimes makes me feel uneasy.
then there's Suezhen.
without her sitting beside me can be sad.
Coz she's technically one of the closest friend i have in class since i knew her since form2.

Anyway i'll stop talking rubbish.
it's just random talk.
I can't wait to go for my first Korean language class!!

Then why is it nowadays a lot of my friends are so damn emotional because of friendship.
niama lei...
Wanna show face because friend treat that friend like this la like that la.
Own self wanna tell that friend so many secret, once that friend tell other people where got such thing as betray wan...
Humans are like that, u secretly tell someone a secret and hoping they won't tell anyone but actualy they will!
coz they will just like...
'weh i tell u something u don't tell anyone ah...'
then that person will use the same way n tell people. in the end the lanjiau secret mai not secret jor lo...
then later wanna emo la.
hide in the room cry la.
take blade cut wrist la.
jump from building la.
anti that friend la.
kena anti la.
all because of one secret.
sohai mou i ask you?
That's why, life is short.
Try to enjoy every little dick shit stuff that happens on you and don't always so negative.
no matter how negative that motherfucking thing is sure got positive stuff in it wan...
if you don't understand come talk to me then you all will und abit.
if u don't und i don't 7 know how to help.
Can go dig a hole and bury yourself in it.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Back to School Discount Promotion

HAMBURGER this is for you!!

I'm finally back to Kampar the City of NO Entertainment At All.
Ohya i just bought a PS2.
Actually it's not something to be proud of anyway.
since this console's been out for more than 10years already..

Class started this week!
so nice!
Holidays for too long already i can't even take it.
2 subjects this semester..
Both subjects are boring subs.
Especially my Psychology teacher.
He's dark in color almost black.
and he's so fat he has lost a part of his pathetic body which is a neck.
So i call him tortoise.
additionally with his dark color so i conclude in calling him...


My other subject however, got very funny speeches wan...
Everytime he points at a slide show he'll be like...
'Wah you see!'
Even though i can't find anything so extraordinary bout the slides..
His name is...
So liyanna always call him Chong Wai Keong.
Wai Keong's my name mind you...
i don't know his full name don't ask meeee!!!
So for now the classes are still acceptable lo...
gotta go continue my Final Fantasy XII.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Incoming CNY.

Seriously, i really have nothing to do here in Ipoh except going out yumcha and watching movie by myself.
All this in the process of waiting got CNY.
But finally, i finished downloaded Avatar after... erm.. 5 days.
the line in my house...
is terrible..
But anyway, the movie's very clear.
Which explains why it's over 2GB size for 1 freaking movie.

Go out yumcha sien lan tou ah.
Do what?


The one behind Jusco Ipoh.


Ah Jia, Kamheng, Tzehoe kadang kala Wengyip too.

Like that lo.

And actually i'm typing this whole thing with my new keyboard.
A wireless one too.
A complete set with my wireless mouse.
Which actually runs on battery.
But Tzehoe told me that it's pretty dangerous coz suddenly the whole thing we go blackout due to power shortage..
So imagine yourself playing DOTA suddenly mouse don't work!
Make your character run back to base with arrow key meh right?
Leave and End game.


Monday, February 1, 2010


Just came back from KL~!
Should have came back on saturday but got stuff to do so end up coming back on sunday!
KL trip was fun!
got to meet back everyone i missed so much!
well, pretty much everyone la.
except some people i wanna ignore.
i got to know a new friend there!
she's actually my friend's housemate!
Her name is Yan Yi!!
She's awfully cute coz from my point of view her head is big with small body!
like those cartoon u watch.
and actually she looks like Miss Joanne!!
my English teacher from KTAR kampar.
my classmates would know who.

KL is so damn wang feel lo!
U all sure don't understand what's wang feel.
So i'll explain.,..
when u guys look straight, and u can't see the road in front of u coz everything is greyish!
Everything is stuck between black and white!!
Then it's wang feel.
Come talk to me in person if you wanna know more.

We all clubbed on Thurs night at Maison's
not bad lo!
coz i'm not the clubbing type anyway...
I want a ps2 now.
Coz since ps3 came out and the price is gradually dropping, the price for ps2 is too cheap to be true!
end of post! ntg to write anymore!

Aih, i miss her so much right now.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

KTM ticket

Today i went to buy KTM ticket with Tzehoe since i'm going to KL tomorrow.
Once we reach there....
So many people queuing up.
What i don't like is that 1 whole group go buy ticket then talk talk with the seller for so damn long then in the end bought 1 ticket!
Group spirit meh.
next time buy ticket plan first cannot ah!?
This one also not consider bad.
Almost reach my turn in front of me got 3 indian girls.
First girl duno buy MAT7 ticket.
bring out 1 paper come out plan with the guy wo.
TIU LEI direct sales ah...
talk talk talk for half and hour wo! MAFAHAI!!
buy airplane ticket also not this long la!
wait there for her like SOHAI.
Still got 1 whole queue at the back of her.
in the end paling ME-NULAN-FYING wan is she don't want to buy. say takpe takpe.
If takpe earlier don't buy la..
Then second girl buy.
That one also ok la.
3rd girl also wanna buy!
This 3 ah... don't CHAT know how to plan first before they buy ticket.
call and ask the whoever that can fetch her from KL SENTRAL free to fetch her anot wo.
Buy ticket adi wanna stand in front of the counter to check wo.
checking halfway the seller also must have DULAN so he asked them to go to the side let the others buy their ticket first.
checked adi didn't say tankiu jau fuck off. no manners.
DO RE MI buy ticket wasted almost 1 hour of my freaking life!
reach my turn i ask got tic for tomorrow anot then got wat time then i want superior class.
not even 5 minutes i finished buying mine.
damn fucking efficient lo me..

So for anyone of you who wants to buy KTM ticket and saw things like this here's what you can do.
you go to the front.
tap on her shoulder.
when she looked back at you, you SLAP KAU the person!
Ask the person to look at the queue la!

if you don't dare, when she finished buying her ticket you go snatch her ticket and tear them into small small pieces like really fucking small, then you throw at her face.
after that u better run off.
if not in the end u sendiri susah.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'm so full of boredom inside me now.
tomorrow gotta start studying for P.R.
Did anyone of you who knows how fearful and disgusting is a cat to MR Ong Vil Sern?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Legion




In my whole life of watching movies that contains Angels, i've never seen one that truly shows Angels so perfectly! besides Constantine.
The picture above is the picture of Angel Gabriel.
Main antagonist of the film.
His wings Fuckin stylish!!
He himself is stylish.
And i found out that why when he came down there's loud trumpet sound start to play coz Gabriel is God's messenger, thus the trumpet.

Anyway i never thought of watching this in cinema but TzeHoe asked. so i go!
and i'm pretty hellish sleepy from the way back Ipoh and back Kampar after the movie.
don't know why.
I'm hungry now i don't have the feel to eat also.
then from around 730pm til after the movie i suffer like mad.
Tiu! coz no cig.
I know la i smoke lesser already but, can't maintain long without it either.
Gotta stop here.
Below are screenshots from the movie. although only 2. Don't so greedy la. Later say me spoiler.